Spiritual Community In North India

Nirvan Commune

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View from the balcony of nirvan commune
Nirvan Village School

Nirvan Commune Mountain Schools

IT BEGINS WITH KNOWLEDGE. Based in the Nirvan Commune, locally educated people educate the youth. With a low teacher-to-child ratio, the children begin with personality development, which is so often neglected in mass city teaching environments. Children will be taught varied disciplines to allow them to integrate into mainstream college. GROWTH AND REACH. Humble beginnings do not limit future potential. The intention is to increase the reach to all knowledge-thirsty children, opening further schooling centres, and providing computer access for children to learn exponentially. COMMUNITY IMPACT.

Knowledge is power. Education at the grassroots level impacts many communities - immediate family, future family, neighbours, and guests. However, if all communities are seen as one, the power of knowledge is limitless. 


Nirvan Commune Hostel

NIRVAN means ENLIGHTENMENT. This means different things to different people.....spirituality, relaxation, thinking on a higher level, etc. COMMUNE means a COMMUNITY place. All are welcome.

PLEASE THE MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. Stay one night, one month, or as long as the soul desires. A visit to the Nirvan Commune will be unique and inspiring. The tranquil settings will soothe, the fresh surroundings will heal, and the sound of nature will enlighten. ENRICH YOUR LIFE. HELP OTHERS. A modest accommodation charge as a guest at the Nirvan Commune will help financially support the other projects being undertaken in this community. Better yet, offer your time at the Nirvan Mountain School, or get your hands dirty while building or maintaining the biogas or solar panel systems. We will soon be introducing yoga and meditation classes with a holistic massage centre.

A PLACE TO CREATE. The Nirvan Commune invites you to make it your own. No matter your motivations for coming to Nirvan Commune, you will soon see the place is embracing and promotes positivity and wholeness. Create. Share. Meditate. Stretch. Nurture.

North India. Dormitory beds,   artists and musicians, community and a cafe (soon!).

Overall an excellent place for a spiritual retreat.


 Pete For India Travel Tours

SELF SUFFICIENCY. Help others help themselves, who in turn help others. The wheel of several projects is already turning, and by fulfilling your own curiosities and desires and participating in PETE, you too are helping the wheel stay in motion.
DELHI. In the heart of Delhi is SlumWalks by PETE. Similarly, VillageWalks and FoodiesWalk by Pete For India Travel  are also available. Smile at the residents. Admire their innovative talents. Respect their inner happiness in such modest circumstances.
MOUNTAINS. Real experiences in remote parts of India. An emphasis on spirituality. Giving back to the community, empowering the community, helping the community feel united.The Charitable Tours vary and no two will be the same (spiritually at least), just as society moves and grows, our tours do too.  For another option, the Nirvan Commune accommodation can be the perfect base. Unveil the mysteries of the mountains!

The Nirvan Commune was brought into life to develop a spiritual community. Artists, musicians and other people from all over the world can congregate to share the same vision of love and light. In addition, the Nirvan Commune's philosophy is to have a positive impact on its surroundings. In accordance with this aim, the Nirvan Commune is opening a school for the children of the mountains, commencing organic farming, and installing solar and biogas facilities.

Pete(Providing Education To Everyone)

PETE. Providing Education To Everyone. Founded with the ideology to be encompassing of all people, children, and women, no matter their background or beliefs. IMPACTING LIVES. Through PETE, underprivileged and under-resourced poor people are provided with networks and portals to better their lives, including the sale of artwork, providing slum women with jobs, and opportunities for families to showcase their talents through performances.

UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. The lucky number and system, one hundred and eight, is what PETE strives towards, ultimately aiming to have 108 schools in operation. This goal will take time - the growth of PETE is organic and the opening of new schools and women's vocational centres is happening gradually, one at a time.

YOUR IMPACT. You can assist in the goal of universal education by partaking in and supporting PETE projects, such as the famous Slum Walks in Delhi led by PETE.

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